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About us

Marobec Associates Ltd is a UK-based training and management development company with extensive experience of training and consultancy support in manufacturing, distribution and service sectors. Marobec employs experienced executives who understand your needs and are able to quickly recommend jointly-owned solutions that deliver results now and in the future. We have worked with major international blue-chip companies and also SMEs on a wide range of successful projects.

The training and support delivered by Marobec is practical, effective, relevant to your business and tailored to your specific needs. Flexibility and cost-effectiveness are our guiding principles. Marobec provides no-obligation assessments that identify long-term improvement programmes and give organisations quick-wins. This establishes a sound working relationship, giving confidence to the client organisation.

Our Values

We will always provide our clients with a cost effective training and support solution
We will always strive to exceed our customers' expectations
We will behave ethically and professionally at all times
We will respect our clients' needs for confidentiality
We aim to establish long-term partnerships with our clients and will always strive to ensure sustained results from everything we do